Thursday, February 20, 2014

Elissa Art

Getting psyched for sailing next month!  I'm assigned to the main mast for two daysails and one overnight (actually, it's two nights at sea following one at dock, so it's more of a cruise, really.  Except I'm "working.") Woo!

I'm doing this illustration as a sort of commemorative souvenir for this year's crew.  It's not the first tall ship I've ever drawn/painted, but it is the fist one that is even close to accurate.

I did this "naked" version first, which is just the ship without any sails, which I enjoy because it shows the rigging much better.  I'm just now realizing that I forgot the anchor!  I had intended to put that in's also (intentionally) missing all its brace bumpkins, foot ropes and crainl'ns...probably a few other important aspects, but, eh...maybe I'll add some of that later, maybe I won't.
My favorite thing to do nowadays is climb over the crosstrees.  That's the second little platform on the fore or main mast--where it's wood colored, not white.  The lower platform is called "the tops", confusingly but for a very good reason once you know what it is.   

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